Stick a weiner in the Congressman, he’s done.

Well, well, well.  Our long, national weiner-mare is over.  Phew!

I for one am thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED that Congress has demonstrated its rabid, oops fervent, commitment to forcing out those whose conduct is unbecoming the institution.  Of course, given the current state of Congress, this means Americans will soon be electing 435 new representatives and 100 new Senators (will the last one out of the Capital, please turn out the lights?).

I mean, for starters, just BEING a Republican today is pretty much unbecoming the institution they are destroying.

And the Democrats?  Well, call me crazy, but I think taking care of Wall Street and the tryrannosaurus rex of American politics (that would be the unions) but ignoring Main Street while you had a chance is conduct unbecoming the institution.  I think it is conduct unbecoming the institution to authorize war for political purposes (i.e. not wanting to appear weak on defense) even while seriously questioning the militaristic ones (i.e. weapons of mass destruction).  Conduct now soaked in the blood of four thousand…two hundred…and eighty-seven…dead…Americans. I think…I could go on.  But I won’t.

Now, of course, there are those who will say unbecoming sex is the most unbecoming conduct of all  (not bad sex in which case, again, I imagine most Members would have to resign, just, you know putting sex out there.  In the open.  Where we have to acknowledge it.  Ick.  Shudderingly unbecoming!!)

Again, we’ll take the Republicans out of the conversation because Republicans don’t have sex (or weiners).  But for the others, a few questions….

To my glbt (no doubt soon to be g, l, b, and t…and u,v,w,x,y,z) friends, I’d ask so you think Gerry Studds should have resigned when he had a consensual relationship with a page?  Gerry Studds, the Member who single-handedly forced the issue of gays in the military out into the open?  For years, the only Member on the Hill who service members could turn to when their country turned against them?

To my Massachusetts friends, you now believe that Ted Kennedy should have resigned?  Not when he texted Mary Jo a crotch shot.  No.  When he left a human to die.  Ted Kennedy. The man who brought not just pork, but compassion, equality, jobs and so much more to Massachusetts.  Applying the new Weiner standard, Massachusetts voters now obviously think St Ted was wrong to stay in office. Well, will one of you righteous ones please call the Widow Vicky to ask her to halt construction on the Kennedy Institute they’re building next to the JFK Library (oops, better tear that down, too!!)

And to all you Democrats,  now…NOW…you’re saying that Newt Gingrich was right.  That Democrats AGREE with Newt Gingrich that Bill Clinton should have been impeached.  Why, shucks, Leader Pelosi and her team now would take it even further:  They would have demanded President Cinton’s resignation!

Now, come on, y’all three groups, might say, that was then, this is now.

Of course, sadly, you’d be right.

THEN….winning and keeping control of Congress wasn’t all that mattered.  NOW, it is.  BTW, then…Members of Congress not only had weiners–they had balls.  And they used them to take tough votes…knowing that it could cost them their jobs.  Votes like the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Now?  Well, glbtuvwxyz’ers?  We’re not so lucky.

But, mostly, I think THEN, people knew how to forgive.  They knew that people screwed up (sometimes royally and multiple ways like Rep. Weiner).  But they knew that was part of being human.  They knew that Christ was right when he said “he without sin cast the first stone”.  They knew Kabir was right when he said “where there is foregivness, there God resides.”  They knew that forgiveness is the alchemy that transforms a shameful act into a path of redemption.

NOW?  Now, in Washington at least and across many parts of America (though interestingly NOT in Rep Weiner’s district where the people he serves said they want him to continue to serve them), the hard push to power trumps the soft vulnerability of forgiveness.

And, that, my friends is conduct unbecoming.  The human race.

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